Beauty Vs Character: Who Gets It Going? Read More………..

When it comes to beauty, a lot of ladies have got it but when it comes to the right attitudes, its so scarce. Background matters a lot in an human form of thinking likewise the environment itself.

Beauty can be bought but attitudes and character cannot be. Its something you cultivate. If you allow people dictate how you think, then you will act like they say.

Most ladies sit down to gossip and talk about other people’s flaws and how better they can be and in the process create an idea of how they should behave too. Then its becomes a collective mentality. Either good or bad, they key into it. Most Ladies flow with every trend, only few are neutral. If after discussing with your friends and they feel its right to dress half nude to impress or attract guys,then it becomes the order of the day. Some ladies have been sent to destroy some guys, so if you like copy every trend you see.

Its not about the beauty at all times. Like they say, beauty can attract a man but you need a great personality to keep him. Most Men have complained about the lack of vision by women. They say most ladies just want to sit down on their money and that they have no plans for progress or how to make their life better. The truth is that some ladies are becoming productive and enterprising these days and they are all not so flashy but the ones that collect all the cash from guys are the ones that we all see well enough. They really need to show off. All in the name of “I must belong” some ladies will only date rich guys, add some sugar daddies to it and even date some other casual boyfriends and even there is a break up from the guy, they say love doesn’t exist. It can’t because you never searched for it. Ain’t saying money is not good but if cash is the first thing you assess first in guys,then you might miss it.

Some guys will say they take care of your responsibilities so they have the right to do what they like. Some men will never marry a woman that can’t plan with them. So where does your beauty help you then.

Yeah!!!!!beauty can attract the finest of guys, the richest and the most famous but it won’t last. A guy keeps observing his girlfriend if she would make a good wife. So many men have complained on bad attitudes and lack of goals. They have even broken up with their fiancee just because of that.

Ladies, you need to sit up tight and think of your lives. Money can buy you beauty,dresses etc but its vanity and it can’t help you for long. Some might luckily get married to a good husband but its either you regret later in marriage or after life if you don’t change. The love of money is the root of evil. Money can push ladies to do anything and at the end its just for buying more accessories to decorate the body.

Aint saying we don’t have ladies who spend their own money to look good,thumbs up but if all you think of is how to get a good and rich maga then this post is for you. You don’t have to buy new dresses daily. You can manage what you have and invest wisely. Click here to see three different women which a man had to pick from : click here

Beauty is good. Some ladies are naturally beautiful and so sexy,yeah!!!!!I know that. Some guys are so handsome too yet with flirty lifestyles. At the end we still have those that are preserved.
This article is meant to make us know that we should not depend on beauty but develop a good attitude too. May God help us all.

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2 Responses to Beauty Vs Character: Who Gets It Going? Read More………..

  1. adebayo.otupate says:

    Beauty begat vanity while character begat modesty

    Beauty grab the attention of the eye while character grab the attention of the mind.

    When you rely on beauty you reap lust,when you rely on charcter you reap love.

    Good beauty can not change bad character while good chracter can change bad beauty

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