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8 Things Guys Hate About Girls.

Guys seems to be impressed about some features in ladies but most ladies falls out of these laws. 1. Size: Guys seem to be particular about a ladies size but it varies. Some guys prefer a slim stature while some … Continue reading

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Why Do Guys Fade Out Of Love Easily?

Something has really been bothering my mind for a while. Why is it that when a guy meets a girl and claims to love her and they start dating, after a while, he would begin to misbehave. i really wanna … Continue reading

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8 Ways To Know A Girl Is In Love With You.

When a girl is in love with a guy,there are some likely signs that proves it. 1. She stares at you more often: There is a way she set her gaze at you that makes you read her mind. You … Continue reading

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You Must Avoid Hell Fire today!!!

A pastor was traveling last week, he saw an old man, and gave him a lift. While they were going, the old man said; my son, do you know what happened in Heaven last night? The pastor was so terrified … Continue reading

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Ladies See How To Stop Your Boobs From Sagging.

A sagging or dropping breast is a natural, inevitable process that most women experience at some points in their lives. Women tend to be bothered by this life’s normal process, because they feel it makes them unattractive. Dropping breast are … Continue reading

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Why Married Men Flirt With Girls?

I keep wondering why girls wouldn’t mind dating a married man forgetting that he belongs to his wife alone. You are only a borrowed property. Someone else has been created for you ,no need to run around them even when … Continue reading

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6 Mistakes Ladies Make With Men.

Not only do guys make mistake with girls,the girls have their faults too,there are some things that are common with some ladies. Here are some mistakes ladies make with guys : 1. Being too forward: When a guy approaches you, … Continue reading

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