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I am sure you are probably surprised by the title of this short knowledge filled article. Questions like what FANAFI has got to do with the situation on ground would be popping on your inquisitive mind. FANAFI simply means FIND … Continue reading

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The True Benefits Of Being A Single

I know this may sound ridiculous but there are actually some nice benefits of being a single. Am not saying you should remain a single for life but if you are now, there are things you should know too. Singles … Continue reading

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7 Bitter Truths You Must Consider About Yourself Before Entering A Relationship(Part 1)

There are some things you need to understand about yourself and the person you are about to go into a relationship with too. Don’t let us be selfish, we are not so perfect, then why do we go in quest … Continue reading

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What makes you a right person in every relationship?

Look in the mirror: Everyone keeps talking about finding the RIGHT person, but no one ever seems to talk about BEING the right person.. maybe that’s why a lot of relationships – aren’t working ; people are always expecting the … Continue reading

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