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After Getting Pregnant For Two Guys, My Life Seems To…………Read More

This lady has lost it and she needs to get her life back on track as fast as possible. Read her story below: I am in desperate need of some good advice. First of all before I start let me … Continue reading

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Quotes Of The Week!!!

Just remember to enjoy each experience that life gives you. Even tough times involve the opportunity to learn something new about yourself. Breathe. Think. Live. Love. Learn If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t, change the way … Continue reading

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Mercy Johnson Talks On How She Manages Her Home, Being An Actress and Being A Mother And A Wife

Actress, Mercy Johnson, was born 29 years ago and is the fourth child in a family of seven. She tells Punch that mother at the age of two to live with her ex-military officer and due to the nature of … Continue reading

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7 Strong Shortcuts You Would Always Regret Taking In Life

There is no shortcut to anywhere worth going. There is no substitute for doing the work. Meditate on this every day: “I will do the work.” As Einstein once said, “Genius is 1% talent and 99% effort.” You must run … Continue reading

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Check Out: Quote Of The Week!!!!!

Steve Harris: “Its not what you don’t have that limits you but what you have and don’t know how to use” Think of it well, its not your lack of capital or resources that is stopping you,its you who refused … Continue reading

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Who Really Are You?……

Who really are you? The best motivator you could ever have is you. You are also Your closest limiting factor. Have you ever wondered what you really need to do or you are just following the crowd. Is the society … Continue reading

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Quote Of The Week!!!!!!

Some will never see what lies ahead for them. They are too busy looking back. Stare at life straight on. This means,stop looking back at your past,failures etc. There are better days ahead. If you don’t give up on looking … Continue reading

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