Happy male working on laptop

Happy male working on laptop

Of recent, I have noticed that a lot of girls have been complaining of guys not chasing them down anymore, they feel it all happens online now, hence they have moved over there too.

It is even worse now that ladies can now make up, look fake, impress and do all sort to get the guy’s attention.

What bothers me is the fact that most guys have moved their focus from chasing ladies live to meeting them online as this can give them the opportunity to talk to dozens of ladies at the same time.

All they need to do is to check different profiles that suits them and say”HELLO” to anyone available.

It is even funny that people build relationships online for too long before getting to meet. Am not against online dating but is it happening in the safest way?

Am i just thinking or am I right?

What do you think? Do you think that guys still chase physically more than thy do online and what may be the cause?

Let’s talk about it.

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My Experience With Two Married Men

I boarded a bus from benin to lagos and had a quiet time with myself. I was either


listening to a message, music or
playing games all through the journey.
Thank God for escaping an accident and that was where everyone started talking about the incident.
“Was that bike man blind? How could he be playing on the road? Thank God our bus driver handled the steering well. That trailer would have ran ito our bus while trying to avoid a collision with the bike.” Hmmmn,
thank God for that miss, I said to myself. I didnt utter a word out to them. I just kept to myself.

I never knew a married man beside me had been watching me all this while but as i attempted to alight from the bus, while waiting for the driver to open the door for me, he passed a paper to me and I was like
“What is this?” I asked.
Just hold it , don’t worry. His face wasfurious. He didn’t want me to insult him over it. I slightly opened the paper and i saw that it was his name and phone number that was
in it. And then i alighted from the bus
wondering what the man had thought of.
Why didn’t he talk to me in the bus? Was he
scared? Did he think I was going to call him?
Do I look like a lady that would have
actually called him at all? I laughed
sarcastically. He must be funny. At his age,
he still had time to be chasing ladies. All
these men that don’t stick their heart to their
wife alone. May God have mercy on them o.
I must have felt it was a normal trend for
married men to pick interest in ladies at any
slight opportunity but I was wrong and I
sure had reasons to be.
Well, if you want to ask me what I did it with
the paper, I simply threw it into the bush. He
only wasted his time writing his name and
number. Thats a finished case though, and
to the second man.
The next day, while returning back to Benin,
I had boarded another bus and alighted at
the junction after a safe trip. I crossed the
express and searched for a cab to take me
home. The rain was drizlling and I was
holding a carton filled with some provisions.
I gently carried it with my bag hoping to get
a cab soon. As i stood by the road, I saw a
toyota camry almost passing by. The man
driving the car was looking exactly like my
church member so I waved at him “Good
evening sir” and hoped that he would offer
me a ride home. I was feeling relieved but
the car kept moving and later parked.
I was still wondering if he wanted to pick me
up so i just stood right there with my heavy
bag. I later made a move to where he
parked. It was a 2minute walk down there
and he patiently waited only to get there
and discover he wasnt the man I thought he
Oh! Am sorry. I thought you were my church
member. You look just like him and he was
like ” I only stopped because you waved or
do you feel its only your church member that
can help you?. Oh! No sir. I was just
explaining why I waved.
Its not a problem. Anyway, can you come
in? Yes sir but I would need to keep this
carton in the boot. “No problem”, he replied.
He gently came down from the car and
helped with my luggage and the journey
He was looking like a man in his 40s. I knew
he was married and I kept hoping he doesn’t
act like some flirty married men. But to my
surprise, he said no word throughout the
journey. When he got to where he was going
to take a turn to his street, he asked if i
could get a bike from here or he would be
forced to help me down. I told him I would
get a bike and he came down to help with
my bag and offered me transport fare for the
bike and I was shocked. He handed me
money for a journey he couldn’t continue for
me rather than ask about me. I just didn’t
know there were still some faithful married
men out there. Well there are but they are
Am driving at a point here. Don’t let us
conclude on people easily. We keep saying
all Men are Bad and Women are money
lovers, devils etc. The truth is there are still
good ones out there. They are just scarce.
You need to go on a deep search to find
Singles out there, we still have good men
and women. Stop saying they are all bad. If
you keep saying that, it means your eyes
will be blind to the good ones and you will
also be categorized as part of the bad ones
The truth is that I have always come around
married men so am not surprised at some of
their behaviours but the experience I had
with one the previous day could make me
feel this man would be the same. I wasn’t
too comfortable entering the car knowing he
wasn’t the church member I thought of but I
just felt it would go fine and it did.
Attend to people with care and humility. You
may never know who you are dealing with.
Take time to be good and attract the right
person with your great personality. You will
meet different kinds of people on this earth.
Some will serve as a Blessing or a Lesson to

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