Must Read: The dangers of looking through your partner’s cell phone.

You really don’t know a person until you have looked through their cellphone. Nowadays, a cell phone is more than just a device to make emergency phone calls with. A cellphone is a personal and PRIVATE device that stores a plethora of information. You will discover a world of new things about a person when you look through their cellphone if you have never done it before…

I had a friend who was in a happy relationship UNTIL she looked through her boo’s phone. She saw text conversations she never imagined existed and it caused her to end the relationship with her otherwise near perfect man.

In spite of knowing what you can find in a cellphone, many of us still refrain from looking through our partner’s cell phone. Why?

Two reasons:

1. You don’t want to know.

2. You trust your partner.

You don’t want to know

Seek and you shall find. If you are looking for something bad, that is what you will find. People choose not to look through their partner’s cellphone because they  have no interest in finding something that may mess up the relationship. It’s not necessarily trust, it is more like avoidance. In the story I mentioned above, my friend learned her lesson early on and has made a life long decision never to look through a guy’s phone ever again. There is no way to build a cheat-proof relationship, so focus on the good things about the relationship instead of looking for the bad. Be happy with what you have and don’t worry about finding something wrong. What you don’t know won’t hurt you. 

If your partner gives you a reason to doubt with unusual behaviours, then its best that you confront him/her about it. If you are trying to find a reason to end the relationship that should be good reason enough to end a relationship, you don’t have to wait to find something unbearable.

You trust your partner

Trust is something that is earned by consistent behavior. A woman reflects the love a man gives her. Trust is reflected by a woman who is treated well by a virtuous man. A virtuous man is honest and has integrity. Ideally, a man shouldn’t give his woman the desire to have to look for evidence in his phone. A woman who trust her man is a confident woman and a woman who feels secure in her position and value in the relationship. This is healthy.

If you DO decide to look through his phone:

Be prepared. Make sure you are ready for what you are going to find and for the reactions that will come with it:

Stress; stress causes sleepless nights, headaches and illnesses; Arguments; Fights, Disturbing thoughts that will haunt you forever….And for what- if you are going to make up with your partner anyway? UNLESS you are ready to make that tough decision to BREAKUP: end it all, let that person go, suffer a loss and start zero with someone new.

My advise

Think thoroughly before you take action. Do not act out of impulse. Ask yourself a few questions that will assess your real motives for looking through someone’s phone: what are you really looking for and why? What will be the repercussions of your actions? If something bad is indeed happening, it will soon come to light all on its own. There is no need to worry or play detective, “For there is nothing hid that shall not be manifested.” Mathew 4:22

 What do you think? Drop your comments below.

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4 Responses to Must Read: The dangers of looking through your partner’s cell phone.

  1. christiana says:

    Thanks for your word of advice .

  2. Tsenolo says:

    thanks for the advice

  3. Gertrude Alen says:

    I looked through my girlfriend’s phone because I suspected she was cheating. I saw messages to someone which were inappropriate. I saw messages about cravings, horniness and sexual fantacies. I saw messages about coming over to visit at 2:00 to drink beers, “…but I knew it would end only too well”. Saw messages about “miss you”. Will visit tomorrow if I can. Too many red flags. I confronted my girlfriend about the messages and she became very angry and tried to convince me that she was only “flirting”. She has given this person lots of money and paid for trips to other places. I love my girlfriend and would do anything to make it work but I am not sure if I can any more. She is obviously either very unhappy in our relationship or has allowed her “flirtatious” behavior to move to the next level. Any opinion?

    • The truth is that there could be something you are not doing that she wants but thats not an excuse to cheat as she has taken it too far, i would advice you think well if you can cope or not. The decision is in your hands.

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