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My Girlfriend Keeps Smoking And Going Back To Her Ex Yet She Says She……….Continue Here……..

Dear Nikky, Please am so confused. My girlfriend of 2years now has been acting strange. I just discovered that she smokes at my back and also sneaks out to her ex place. I don’t know why she keeps going to … Continue reading

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Can You Date Your Friend Ex- Girlfriend/Boyfriend? Answer Here………..

Can you date your friend’s ex girlfriend or boyfriend? Comment your answer with your reason. Now its either you knew of them or you never knew they dated. We are looking at the two instances. Share this with your friends … Continue reading

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My Girlfriend Lacks Good Communication With me. How Do I Help Her?

My girlfriend doesn’t act well sometimes. When she is with me, she hardly talks. When I introduce her to my friends, she is always shy to even act like one. Though she is 19, and yet to gain admission so … Continue reading

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Please Help!! My Girlfriend Of 4yrs Is Pregnant For Someone Else But I Want Her Back. What Do I Do?

Dear Admin, My girlfriend of 4yrs is pregnant for someone else and she has deeply apologized for it. We are thinking of she going for an abortion and then we come back together again. Do you think we should do … Continue reading

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How To Be A Good Girlfriend (Part 1)

Be Open Don’t be too open at first. Easing into a relationship is about ensuring that there is plenty of space for the two of you to get to know one another and trust that you’re right for one another. … Continue reading

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