I am sure you are probably surprised by the title of this short knowledge filled article. Questions like what FANAFI has got to do with the situation on ground would be popping on your inquisitive mind. FANAFI simply means FIND A NEED AND FILL IT.

I am sure right now, you are clapping your hands in your mind thinking I am one sort of a genius to have formed this, but I am happy to tell you that I also saw this from a book I am currently reading titled COMMON SENSE BUSINESS by Steve Gottry. I appreciated it the moment I saw it, and I decided to expanciate on it to make someone reading this article see life through a new mirror.

We all want to be great in life, we all want to go to top shopping malls and get all we want without thinking of how much we have left in our purse because we know Its more than enough, we all want to take our families to different part of the world and see different museums, historical places and have fun. The truth is we all have dreams, we are all dreamers, but all our dreams would not get within our reach if we don’t stand up and do something.

If we must do something, what kind of thing are we expected to do, anything we see or anything our hand findeth to do, or anything that people feel is best for us to do. We all spend money on education to get a good career that would make us reputable people, we want a better life and we must pay the price because that is what we all believe. I have learnt in a hard way that life is more than all this.

For us to really make impact in our world we must apply the FANAFI principle, we must FIND A NEED AND FILL IT. We are all celebrating Nelson Mandela today not just because he was the first democratic president of the Republic of South Africa but because he fought against apartheid. His black people needed freedom the whites and he fulfilled it for them. We all celebrate Bill Gates and Steve Jobs today not because they are on the Forbes list of 100 richest men on earth, but because they have found out the needs of we humans and they have fulfilled it.

Successful people don’t do things that come their way; they do things because it would be of immense benefit to so many people and also to themselves. Successful business men do not go into business with making money in mind. They go into business with the sole aim of creating value and solving the needs of those around them. The reward they then get from this is their PROFIT. Successful accountants do not go into the field of accountancy just because they want to make a name for themselves; they go because they want to help industries manage their accounts properly to avoid theft, bankruptcy and unwarranted losses. Successful lawyers do not also study law because they can talk and argue clearly but because they want to help the innocent escape unlawful judgement.

Now, I am directing my question back to you. Why are you currently doing the project/job/career/business you are doing? Are you currently doing what you are doing to increase your bank account or to add value to those that would be getting your services? If you are currently doing what you doing to make money and money alone then there is a need to have a deep rethink. Remember, the FANAFI principle, FIND A NEED AND FULFILL IT.

I can’t wait to see you impact our world and be successful with what you do. I believe in you, but it’s up to you.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin

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