Naked Young Ladies : (Confusion On Old Man’s Look)

I was at the bank today and while sitting, waiting to be attended to, a lady (student) walks in.

Let me start by saying that the rate at which ladies dress in schools, especially some tertiary institutions where anything is allowed is getting out of hands.

The streets and campuses has become club houses where ladies dress half-nude all in the name of fashion. Is fashion going crazy or what? Is it about following trend or there is more to the motives?.

Back to my story, the way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed. While sitting there in the banking hall, she enters the hall too. She was tall, dark and cute I guess(in her mind). She ranges from 21yrs to 24yrs but she is a student of a private university(not mentioned). She comes straight to where I was sitting and asked for her account number from the customer care attendant.

I sat there staring like I was seeing wonders. She was simply half naked. She was putting on a small top and a very short skirt. And here is where the scene gets interesting. I sighted an old man, (at about 75yrs of age) staring at her with disbelief. A lot must have been on his mind but I couldn’t figure it out. Was he in shock or was just admiring, I dunno. He just kept staring at her. He didn’t bother with his line (either out or not), he just wanted to stare conveniently.

I just kept wondering what he was thinking,” how could a lady dress so indecently or how I wish I could see through to the end, lol, I don’t know but he was staring and it got me and the customer care guy laughing.

Here is the point, the rate at which ladies dress these days is getting out of hand. The urge to impress men and ladies of their kind is at the verge of madness.

Ladies, you don’t have to be naked to get the attention. A responsible guy would only use your kind in bed. No responsible, serious, ,spiritual guy will settle for a lady that exposes it all. Ladies now post their nakedness online too to get attention from men. That is the height of stupidity. You are not a big girl like you think, you are only suffering from Low self esteem. You feel you need to make a whole lot of noise. It doesn’t make sense.

Like they say, you are simply artificial from head to toe, tattos, fake hair, nails, eyes, nose, skin, everything is just fake and you are looking for an humble, God fearing ,Loving and nairaloaded guy for sure, I pray you get one.

Let’s look good but decent. Let’s make the right statement not fashion statement. This is just an advice to ladies out there to put on a garment of decency and have right attitudes too. Ciao.

Be Wise! Be Real!! Be You!!!


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