B has decided to enter into a relationship after a long time of being single, but before she chooses the right person for her she wants to understand the real meaning of love.

She decides to ask her very good friends A and C.

A – Love to me is pain, a moment of temporary madness and foolishness. My dear, no one appreciates or respect love again. I advise you to remain the way you are because if you enter into a relationship now, you would become miserable and unhappy.

C – Love to me is respecting ,caring, understanding, showing kindness, trusting, appreciating, and ensuring that you work together to achieve all your dreams, plans and goals.

B is really confused because both A and C are her good friends and they would never lie too her.

Please a word of advice for B. Is A correct, is C correct? Please help her, she doesn’t want to make any mistake.

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  1. Darey Joseph A.k.a JesusKid says:

    C, cant be more correct. i would advise B to follow C’s advise. cos A miqht have fallen into the hands of dos guys that took her for granted. so she shudnt judge all relationships cos of her ill-fated relationship.

  2. helen says:

    C is very correct

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