Before I sleep each day
In my mind, I have so many things to say
How I wish I can get my entire wish
Then all I do is eat different dish

All I hear is it is well
From the look of things I can’t really tell
Multiples of questions run through my mind
Even on Google the answer I cannot find

I desire true success
But it has so many process
The journey I would say is very tough
The road I know is very rough

I am tired of my entire problem
Seriously I wish I could run away from them
But I know when there is life there is hope
I have that feeling that I would cope

I am stronger than my situation
In me I have all the solution
I have to be very calm
I just need to work with my palm

With time I would get better
I would follow my plans to the letter
It’s not about covering many miles
Common put on those gorgeous smiles

It’s good to be grateful
Forget those problems that make your heart sorrowful
You are destined to succeed
All you need to do is proceed

Make your body a box of motivation
Be wise enough to listen to useful correction
Learn to get busy
There is no food for one that is lazy

All you need is God’s grace
Not an angry and stony face
Remember you need to be determined
And to be rich you must solve a need

How many hours do you spend on your goals per day
Start planning for your future today
These steps are taken by successful human beings
Think of all these things

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin

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