If I must ask, what do you consider a relationship to be? You need to understand what your needs and desires are for the person you are about to enter a relationship with. What you are willing to give them and what they are willing to give you?.

Through this, you would be able to understand if the person you are in a relationship with is truly in love with you, and if you truly have a future with the person, and if this person feels the same way about you too. There is no need to be in a relationship when you are the only one that is in love in the relationship.

The day you make up your mind to properly enter a relationship with a person, you must never forget what brought you and the person together in the first place because there must be a compelling force of attraction. For example, questions like what attracted you to each other, both physically and emotionally should always be burning in both hearts, what you admire about his or her personality (it could be the way she walks, his intelligence and charisma, the way she reasons and so many other reasons).

Having this force of attraction in mind would ensure adequately that your partner is not taking you for granted and you are not taking your partner for granted because this may tend to start happening after the relationship has stayed for a long period of time. When relationship partners start taking themselves for granted, it does not mean that the love has faded, or the love that used to be so strong is withering away slowly, it just shows that the energy and enthusiasm that was usually been pumped into the relationship has started reducing or has even finally reduced.

In relationships, people tend to get lazy after a while, because they feel comfortable and safe. This is a major problem affecting the relationships of today, but this problem can be solved when the two partners put in their time and energy to ensure that the love that used to be strong then still remains so strong that no external force can break into it, but it requires hunger and determination.

Effective communication is very important in a relationship. Lovers must understand that they cannot have the same ideologies, beliefs and perspectives to which they see life, so they must never expect ideas and plans to be the same every time. However, it is important to have similar expectations out of a relationship, so that unnecessary arguments can be avoided more often, because the more the arguments the more the love is been torn apart.

For example, some partners believe that they are meant to see each other every day because it makes the relationship look fresh, young, strong and in fact healthy, while some see it as unnecessary waste of time when they could easily pick up the phone and talk to themselves frequently and then they could see themselves like once in a week. Issues like this makes effective communication so important, if not there would be clash of likes and interests.

Partners must be able to talk to themselves and reach a concise agreement that would make the relationship peaceful and fruitful. Most times, partner must be able to drop one of their top priorities to ensure that they can adapt to the priority of their other partner. Putting yourself first in every situation would make effective communication very difficult.

The part 2 would be continued tomorrow. Till then, have a safe and healthy relationship.

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin

BBPIN: 236580EA.

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