FEATURED: Anger And Love

He was busy, polishing his new ride in the garage with his mind filled with happiness, joy and fulfilment.
While he was trying to clean away dirty at the driver’s side, his 3 years old daughter had went to the other side with a nail which she used in scratching the paints on the car.
Furiousity and anger took over him, he walked to her and hit her countless times on her fingers without knowing she has gotten a wrench.
She was taken to the hospital where she was admitted. Then she asked, ‘Dad, when are my fingers going to grow back’. He felt rhetorical, pains and regret were buried within him for the action he took under the influence of ANGER.
He walked out of the hospital and went home, headed to the garage where the car was parked. He kicked the tyre of the car repeated until he was so tired and sat down at that same spot his daughter stood. His eyes rolled to the scratch and it says, ‘ I LOVE YOU DAD’. His heart was bitter-sweaten and he committed suicide!
NOTE: Anger is more like insanity. Always remember the crazy and the funny things you’ve done in the past, it helps to reduce ones anger!
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1 Response to FEATURED: Anger And Love

  1. chichi tina says:

    Anger is really insanity,anger made me over reacted on my bf last nite,2 d extent of me saying so many bad words 2 him.n I don’t even no wen I told him 2 leave me allow dat am no more interested,

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