Listen carefully to the story of A B C
A and C loves B but A is too busy with his work and other things so he hardly has time for B

While C makes out time to be with B.
B on the other hand loves A and C but B sees C more often because C makes out time for B a lot

But the problem here is that B’s heart is with A!!!

What will B do o???
A word of Advice is needed for B??


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  1. Asibe oluchi says:

    B shud stay wit C nd wit tym she wil learn to love him more nd wit tym tins will work out for dem.

  2. chichi tina says:

    B shld leave C alone wen c did nt love B,der is a popular say dat says “U can force a cow 2 d river,bt u can’t force him 2 drink water”d fact dat B is given C time n attention n C is responding, does nt mean C love B,C is just using B 2 fill up space wen A is nt der.BUT D FACT REMAIN,C LOVE A

  3. Diamond Daisy says:

    Love is not by force so be should stay away b4 she regrets later and turns it 2 heart break

  4. CULT8R says:

    B is a confused individual that should seek Jesus.

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