Raped in LUTH: Gigantic Man Rapes 12 year Old Girl

RAPE: 12 year old tiny girl quickly slitted open by a giant.

The serenity and tranquillity just like normal Saturdays and Sundays within the premises of Lagos University Teaching Hospital(LUTH) and College of Medicine of the University of Lagos
(CMUL) both bounded by four gates- 3 Id-iAraba gates and 1Mushin gate, of no optimal security as you would witness likewise in many public institutions, with danger looming in the dark or obscurity of daylight in an environment where security can barely identify devils in angelic oufits parading the
premises of the school and the hospital, is something that makes one wonder if the gates as points of exits and entries are not impervious to lunatics, miscreants, terrorists, and evil-minded people who perpetually execute clandestine dastardly acts on the visitors, patients ,passers-by and even workers in the
hospital and the college with the hope that drastic measures will be
employed by the two managements concerned to combat incessant prevalence of damage to and loss of lives and properties that have become a
monumentary failure in the annual of history of both tertiary institutions for training medical personnels.

Saturday 20th October, 2013 was a black Sabbath when two women
screamed for help and in fear having seen a 12 year old girl ,whom they came to rescue bleeding, writhing in pain,
shivering in fear, at the entrance of Obstetrics and Gynaecology/
Surgery building opposite College Library, to have been raped by a huge man in black top and blue jeans at the last (3rd floor) of the building which as usual is not illuminated for you to safely climb its stairs to see who is passing beside you which inadvertently made the devil run to the rear of the 1st floor of Haematology department where the man got 2 louvres removed and two others broken with the flexible metallic barricades as shield for the louvres forcefully bent and two others ejected from its joint for the rapist to escape unto the roof of the walk-way behind doctor’s and consultants’ lounges, that lead to
LUTH radiodianosis, Medicine department building, Alumni centre via to college gate. A house-officer who saw the man jump on to the roof thought there was a fire accident ,came to the scene of the incidence to report that the rapist gone. The rapist initially had apprehended
two kids-brother and sister, whom he took upstairs having accused and threatened them that they hit him and made his phone fall down and spoil after which he took the younger brother who was under threat of being reported to
LUTH security for damaging his phone to buy a bottle of pure water opposite the surgery building where he mounted
upstairs in darkness to rape the elder sister with the younger brother instructed to face the
wall. The boy told her sister not to pull down her skirt while she
protested she wouldn’t because their parents warned about strangers that in the course of the drama they escaped and ran home in speedy haste and reported their parents a man tried do to them that before they returned, the rapist had pounced on another girl with the same trick that she hit him and made his phone fall and damaged that he took the 12 year old upstairs and raped her before the two women returned that they could only scream in fear for help and being scared of attack by the devil in the darkness, they couldn’t go upstairs. While this incidence was happening, some
members of staff, teaching and non-teaching were in this building locked up in their rooms/offices working,that some heard the call for help that with no boldness couldn’t come out to help, let alone of being aware of the
nature of occurrence outside ,kept quiet in their safety because of the
fear of what might be in possession of the rapist until Dr Samuel, Biochemistry department, outside saw the two
women screaming and lamenting and informed them to report the case to college security
that she walked away with Professor Kehinde ,HOD Medicine department appearing, hearing and seeing the crowd gathering at the entry of O and G entry, also entered his car and drove
away. Meanwhile, the security had approached like typical Nigerian
police officers after the rapist had escaped with Dr Lawal , Consultant, General. Surgery,
with his usual school bag on his back came downstairs, got the report of the incidence and postulated the raped girl was not smart enough to have screamed. The victim said the paedophile
covered her mouth and forcefully held her jeans skirt and pinned her down that she couldn’t
scream out that Dr Lawal just left like his colleagues did. There were four major eyewitnesses that gave the same description of the the rapist:

1. a girl who walking along the walk-way behind the radiography
students departments saw the paedophile;
2. the boy who sold a bottle of pure water to the rapist;
3. the boy whom the rapist forced to accompany to buy the pure water
4. the girl together with his brother whom the rapist threatened to report to the security.

Medical students and health workers in LUTH/ CMUL have had myriads of experience where some individuals who posed as
friends and families of ‘patients and staff’ of the school and school have made away with properties ranging from laptops, phones, money, clothes from rooms to
wards, lounges, cafeterias, offices, that nothing was done to this
effect. It’s no longer news that LUTH/CMUL is a dangerous place to walk alone in during the dark hours of the night and morning when you could be attacked either by thieves or animals thanks to poor power supply that keep serving a factor in helping turn
the compound to breeding grounds for criminals despite occasional situations like a
flash from the pan that some of these criminals are caught and given beatings of their lives if apprehended by students
in their male and female hostels.
For CMUL students, I would advise you turn Liverpool FC fan in the
night because it will be safe ”never to walk alone”. As for the
Provost(cmul) and the Chief Medical Director (LUTH), please illuminate all the roads because we believe in your duo alone.

To College Of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science Students
Association (COMPSSA) executives, it’s high time you fulfilled your promises in raising
awareness on security and safety, not only to prevent theft and sexual assault, but to also ensure our financial security is made intact through sincere monitoring and regulating of prices of goods and services procured in hostel vicinities.

Let’s start anticipating the measures or polices that will emanate from the leaderships of these two neighbouring institutions in tackling the problems of insecurity in LUTH/ in the following areas: residency slots, hostel accommodation congestion, water, light, roads,
drainage, bathroom and toilet facilities because improper almagamation of all these problems are what idle minds
strategise upon to make us
sleep with one eye open.

Hmmmn, wonders shall never end!!!!!!!

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