My Father Killed My Mum And Raped Me Countless Times.(A Must Read Story)

I’m a girl of 20 years now… I had a lovely
mother who lost her life to my father… He
hated my mum and I because his family had
imposed her on him and I was born a baby
girl… He kept other women, came home
drunk, beat up my mum in my presence and
had sex (or would I call it rape) with her in my

My mum lived in pain and cried all
her life because she was an orphan and whenever
she complained to her in laws, they tell to
‘endure, that’s marriage, its for better for
worse’, and she ends up receiving more

When I was 8years, my dad came home as
usual, drunk and my mum was asleep because she
was tired and was pregnant at that time.. My
dad wanted to rape me. I resisted him but he
started beating me, tore my cloth & undies and
was about raping me when my mum came to
my rescue.. She pushed him away and asked me
to run to d neighbors. As I ran, I heard a
sound of something and my mum screamed aloud
in pain.. When I came with d neighbors, I
found my mum lying dead on d table with a
knife on her belly. I cried out in pain as I held
on to her lifeless body..
The neighbors went to the police but before they
returned, my dad took me and ran away .

My dad raped me on a daily basis and said I
was good at nothing else.. When I was 14yrs, I
discovered I couldn’t control my urine
anymore.. So, a woman who lived close-by
called me one day on my way to a store and
asked what was wrong, I told her everything..
And that was how God Rescued me.. She hid
me in her house until her son who lived
abroad came n took me with him… The
Doctors discovered that a serious damage was
done to my Vagina that led to my condition.. I
was operated on.. Meanwhile, the woman
reported my father to d police n he was
sentenced to death for murder n child abuse ..

I am now in the university and living a happy
life again.. I only miss my mother who gave
her life for me to be here.. But I know she’s
also happy in heaven.

*God will destroy everyone that has caused u
pain, setback and restore those years u have
lost as a result of such situations, Amen *
Please write ‘Amen’ and share this story if it
touched you.

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13 Responses to My Father Killed My Mum And Raped Me Countless Times.(A Must Read Story)

  1. Amen o!!! Mehn… Dis is so sad… Wat are we going to do about dis issue of child abuse?? Its terrible. Just yesterday, NTA news annouced that a police man raped a 2yr old baby girl in Nasarrawa state. Come and see the poor girl and her mum weeping on T.V yesterday. Its so heart breaking.. Something should be done

  2. Asibe oluchi says:


  3. kemmy says:

    AMEN. This is a really touching story. I just pray dat all d your ladies out dere who nt end up gettin married to a man dat wil kill dem. Am so happy for u dat God sent u a help dat rescued u.

  4. mz swanky says:

    W̶̲̥̅̊ªª†̥ a wicked man …… hapi fƠ̴̴̴̴͡я̲̅ her Sha

  5. Anthonychidex says:

    God help us in dis country

  6. Im glad he is dead, I hope he is truly dead

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  8. Sarah Hyland says:

    Amen God bless you xxx

  9. kkkkk says:

    AMEN…..I’m glad you r happy now 💕

  10. ellierayne says:

    Amen… god so sad

  11. sir popula says:

    Amen….DAT man does not worth d name FATHER

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