Weather For Two: Our Mentality Drive

It has become a normal and accepted saying that when there is rain or cold, that is the best time for sex. Ain’t saying its not right but not for the unmarried. That’s my major point now. If you are married and the weather is looking enticing, go for it then but if you are not married, why go for it?

The fact is that a man would make use of that weather with his girlfriend not minding if pregnancy can occur or not. Ladies too will be swimming in love and flowing with it forgetting that after the weather, you will be the only one in another condition. Abortion is your only way out which is also murder. So you have not only committed fornication, murder will also be included because I know most men will not accept the child. Only few men will ask you to keep it. What happened to keeping your dignity. Its not about what the world says. If a man threatens to break up with you if you don’t give him sex, my sister, tell him to park well to his corner. Men uses sex as a threat, because they know you can’t do without them,sikena. Sex is not a basis for love or good relationship especially when you are not married. If you know you can’t control it, get married then.

Stop being deceived that sex can help you. It can’t o. Just marry and enjoy it. If there is enjoyment, why is there fear of pregnancy, diseases, abortion, heartbreak etc. Its because its not right. I don’t know how many men some ladies will sleep with it as a cause of jumping from one relationship to the other, keep yourself please.

You can read on why you should not have sex before marriage here: Click here to read.

A word is enough for the wise. Love is beyond sex but its a free gift in marriage. Don’t let anyone deceive you. It will be your burden alone. Unwanted and teenage pregnancies can be avoided. Stop shouting weather for two when it rains. Make use of hot tea and blanket and wait till marriage bliss.*winks*

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  1. … But, everybody wants it either way

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