Will He Get Better When He Is Rich?………Read More Here…….

Dear Admin…..

I have been in a relationship with this guy for two years now. Am a lady of 23years and he is 28years. He has been promising to marry me next year, after getting a job.

For this past 2 years, he has been jobless kind of but he goes to his uncle’s shop to train on fashion designing. He is a graduate but no job( you know our economy). All this while, I have been the one funding the relationship. Am not bragging but to be more clear, let me say I buy clothes, airtime, foodstuff and even give him some allowance. He is always asking for money and also sex(he can’t do without it). Since I have a good job at least, I always try to be of help.

He is not always interested in talking about my visions because I am into singing and I aim to be a good singer someday. Whenever we see, he would just say he has missed me and should jump to bed straight. I have aborted twice but he keeps reassuring me of marriage. Now its all about my body, money, I don’t even know what to think.

It would have been better if he sits down to think of a business he can do or plan for his future but all he does is on how to keep helping his brother in shop even with the little pay. He keeps saying things will get better when he gets a good job in an oil company,(as if his fathers are the owners of the place) how he will buy me many things and spoil me. He does not even want to start small at all.

Am just tired because am not getting younger and my parent are complaining of his lack of purpose.

Do you think he would become better when he has a good job or business because he keeps saying he is under pressure, he can’t think straight.

Someone else has been pestering me for my hand in marriage but I don’t want to betray him but I really need counsell now before I loose my chance. I love him so much and I believe in a better future.

Please I need your advice.

Ok friends, I need you to help her here. What do you think she should do?

Drop your comments below.

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5 Responses to Will He Get Better When He Is Rich?………Read More Here…….

  1. wunmi says:

    I really can’t say if he is using you or he loves you, but I think you should test him by doing this; pretend you are broke and you don’t feel like having sex for a while and he he started acting up then you will know he is after your body

  2. Hi Nikky, your friend already has the right answer ringing on her head. The guy only lust after her and not love. She is only managing the guy out of pity and fear of betraying him. She should get out of that shell of imbroglio and face reality. The guy doesn’t appear to be going somewhere, he is okay with his status quo. If the other person asking her out is worth her then she start basking in the euphoria of new life, coz someone else care. She better jump at that new offer or she will get older than her age after the guy would have used her youtthfulness away. Wise up babe, ur body is not the love asset. Let him prove he miss you some other way.

  3. Destiny says:

    Hello dear.
    Open your eyes and see love!
    That guy won’t change in anyway if he gets a job!!!
    He might possibly dump you and chase after young girls that are still virgins and have not even committed abortion.
    Think about this” when you give him money, does he use it 2 get u gifts?”.
    My sunday school teacher used to say
    “If you have #100 and you don’t spend it wisely you’ll have big problem when you have 1k!”
    I know it won’t be easy deary but let him go! You’ll thank God later
    My mum always says”it’s better to marry Someone that loves you more than you love the person!!”
    Tell the other guy about this person and let him accept you 4 who you are. Learn to love him if he finally accepts to marry you!
    Don’t forget God dear”YOU NEED HIM TO TRANSFORM YOU!”

  4. chichi tina says:

    Hi dear,it is well,pls dls guy did ntt luv u,stop giving him sex,n don’t call him 4 a week,then u check his reaction frm der

  5. Barbara says:

    I’m really sorry that you are going through this and I all I can say is get out of the relationship. If he wanted to change, he would have change a long time ago. He is what you call a dreamer. He wants everything in life without actually putting the work in it. The fact that he is not willing to take any job is a reflection of his work ethics. Even if you guys were to get married and have kids, it is not assuring that he could provide for the household. People do not change overnight like that. He is accustomed to you taking care of him and he is comfortable. If he truly was uncomfortable, he would have done anything in his will to make his own money. He would work 2-3 jobs if he HAD too. Not only that but a woman cannot waste her youth on one man like that. By the time he is done using you, he will be off to the next woman. As you get older, your options start to get small. As a woman, you have to be conscious of who you give your time too. We don’t age like men. Men age like fine wine and as they get older, they tend to become more financial secure. In all honesty, he sounds like a blood-sucking leech and all I can say is dump him. I know it is hard because you already invested so much into him and you love him. But he has to go or else he will suck the life out of you! Good luck and I wish you the best

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