Note that this article is for the good of the married and adult singles who should be preparing for marriage

Our relationships are suffering and nobody wants to go into the main problems
We are all chasing shadows tagging it all, “Spiritual”
Like I always tell people
Every man is a fan of the vagina and every woman is a fan of the Penis
The only thing that determines how strong a fan your husband will be is your ability to make his time in there a memorable one
It has nothing to do with age and class
It has everything to do with your knowledge of hygiene and body care
How many women can boast of a clean southern hemisphere that is free from foul odour and itching?
Girl what does your man see and perceive when you are alone with him?
A lot of relationships have broken up because of this foul odour emanating from the vaginal area (guys won’t let their pastor and priest know that this is the problem)
A good number of men have lost interest in sex with their wives because of the inability of the woman to take proper care of this zone
Before I go on
I want you to stand in front of your mirror and do a little check-up
What does your vaginal area look like?
Is it a forest with several animals living in it
A tiled floor
Or a well trimmed garden?
Okay let me bring it down to your level
What is the condition of the hairs down there? Have you tried to find out how he likes it? If he wants to have some hairy feel
You must keep it well trimmed
If he wants it hairless
Do it for him
But make sure you go hairless without bumps as that would be saddening.
In today’s article
I am going to let you know those little things you do ignorantly
Thereby destroying your vaginal area

Lack of Exercise

Are you one of those who believe exercise is just for weight loss?
You are wrong
Exercise goes a long way to affect your sex life
Your man wants to have his woman fit and flexible in bed
The more weight you gain
The more difficult it becomes for your man to enjoy sex with you
Lack of exercise will make your vaginal muscles weak
The best exercise to improve sex is the Kegel squeeze
Which basically strengthens your PC muscles which holds up your vagina
Uterus-anus-bladder and urethra
The stronger the muscles are
The more intense your orgasms will be
Try to stop urine flow when you pee
Hold the squeeze for five seconds
Then release
You can also squeeze your pelvic area while cooking in the kitchen or right there in your office
Doing 50 to 100 Kegel squeezes a day will help keep those muscles in good shape. Don’t do Kegels constantly because it can lead to urinary tract and bladder infections

Wrong Underwear
That particular underwear looks nice doesn’t mean it is good for you
Always go for cotton under wears
Avoid panties made from synthetic materials as they inhibit the circulation of air around the vaginal area
Creating the damp
Warm condition ideal for bacterial growth
Cotton is by far the best fabric to wear and if you enjoy wearing silky under wear save it for occasional rather than everyday use
In addition to this avoid constant wearing of tight-fitting trousers panty hose and girdles

Poor Hygiene

I get goose pimples whenever I hear women talk about going to bed sometimes without having their bath
Some celebrities have even said it on national television
(I UniqueSharon I can’t )
Are deodorants and perfumes supposed to take the place of a good bath in a woman’s life?
How can a normal woman sleep without a night bath?
Some even sleep with their bras and panties Girl it is not healthy
Smelling good outside doesn’t mean you are clean inside
Always keep your genital area clean and dry


Please avoid those douching products in the market
They do you more harm than good
They are one of the major causes of vaginal itching
Your vagina doesn’t require cleansing other than normal bathing Repetitive douching affects the normal organisms in the vagina and can actually increase the risk of vaginal infection
Douching won’t clear up a vaginal infection

Scented and Harsh Soaps
Don’t use scented or harsh soap such as those with deodorant and anti-bacterial components
There are different ranges of feminine wash in the market. These are soap-free and safer for you
Just get into your local drugstores and ask for feminine wash like Sebamed
Summer’s Eve and Beauty Formula
These are affordable
I don’t know what you feel about the popular Lactacid in the market
But I can tell you it is harsh for your vagina
Also avoid scented
Tampons and sanitary pads
Keep that can of body spray away from your vaginal area
Avoid those feminine sprays from that area
They will only lead to irritation
Coloured toilet paper and bubble baths should also be avoided
Wipe from front to back after using the toilet
This stops the spreading of faecal bacteria to your vagina

Use of Public Toilet

I personally don’t use public toilets
I have been able to train myself not to use them
You can do that too
But if you must use public toilets
Please always have a small bottle of antiseptic in your bag to wipe the toilet seat before use
Never use it on your vaginal area as that can lead to itching


Girl you keep jumping from one man to the other out of greed
I want to let you know that this freelance nature could lead to your trouble
The introduction of sperm into the vagina which has a different PH (acid/alkaline) balance to that in the vagina can lead to vaginal odour
The earlier you learnt to be faithful to your partner
The better for you
Why should you go through your life depending on antibiotics and clotrimazole cream?
They will in no distant time weaken your immune system
You may escape it now but the result of reckless lifestyle will spring up at old age
Endeavorto have a glass of natural yoghurt everyday whenever you have vaginal itching
Having garlic as part of your diet is also recommended
Avoid too much of spicy and refined foods
Also avoid excessive washing of the vaginal area with different soap as that can only make it worse.
Like I always tell people
Every man is a fan of the vagina and every woman is a fan of the Penis
The only thing that determines how strong a fan your husband will be is your ability to make his time in there a memorable one
Please do all within your human power to get that man to begin to enjoy sex with you
When he fingers you and all he gets is a room filled with terrible odour oozing from your vagina
He won’t try it another day
When this happens
You find your man having sex just to fulfill his role as the husband and no longer because he enjoys it with you
Some women go about complaining about their husband not being able to satisfy them in bed and do it the way they want it
Madam, how do you expect a man who loves life the way you do to put his mouth in there with all the foul smell?
A woman sent me a text telling me her husband loves her sucking him
But when it is her turn
The man remembers he is a chief in his town who shouldn’t do that
The truth is that a good number of those men still go out and do it to their girlfriends
This is a good reason for you to tell yourself the truth about your state of hygiene and help the man to become a good husband to you.
You shall begin to enjoy sex with your spouse because that is God’s will for every marriage
Don’t forget
There is nothing like unsanctified sex in marriage (except anal sex)
However you do it with your husband or wife is acceptable before God.

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  1. Am sorry for breaking the rules.. Am nt married,and also a guy… But this is a good write-up…God bless u…

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