Some Guys Need To Change Their Approach……

Hehehehehehehehe……..I have something to say o.

Why is that guys think all ladies are the same? Must you get in between the thighs of every lady you see. Abeg o, I just tire for some guys and the way they reason.

Ain’t saying this because am a lady o but at least its a personal experience and you know that I attack the ladies too with their attitudes.

I met a guy recently and after exchanging numbers, he started calling everyday like he is so serious about a relationship. Omo mehn the guy na big boy o, fine boy with a nice latest ride *mouth watering* oya let’s continue………I didn’t really have time for him but e dey pain me sha, so we continued our little phone conversation until my phone started getting off before he could call(bb battery ish) and I didn’t give him my second number( not necessary jare), so when he finally gets me, he would be so concerned and explain how much he was worried and how he missed me,hmmmn *for my mind o*. Seriously I was think this guy had a good intention until one day when he sent a message that he wanted us to be dating,hmmmn, I just laughed while reading it and was wondering ” why do guys don’t bother knowing a lady well before envisaging a date”,we had just known each other for a week o. Ok now!!!!!!!I replied him saying “let’s just be friends for now and I will see you later ” and then we finally saw each other o. Hmmmn, along the line , this guy was just asking if I was a virg****, now I get where its leading to here. So I gave him my answer, *don’t ask me what it was, I won’t tell*, *tongue out*, and then he was like hmmmn, can we fu*k?……….ghen ghen…… in would I love to fu*k him?. I just dey smile for my head o, I just dey look with one eyes say” this guy no know me o” but anyway I whined him wella and later said nothing cos na inside hin car I dey, I no want wahala for my life. When I got home o, I just called him and told him I wasn’t that kinda lady and he should give me my respect abeg……and he said sorry o, ok hope you are fine, take care,sweet dreams……..ending the call like nothing had happened and that was the end of our friendship.

Down to the morale……..Guys would be thinking they can get down with every lady and yet use some form of naughty words…….please just respect yourself there,,,,,,,not all girls are dogs……*lips sealed*……

Hey ladies, I didn’t make out with him because na fine boy o and I didn’t care that he had the biggest ride in town, who cares? I didn’t do try my luck game here and no exchange for money too. I simply ended the friendship with a polite answer. If you all could do this, some will change their ways and be your friend, some will ignore you for life and some will keep chasing but don’t ever feel too pressurized, just turn them down,biko, its your life…….

Oya let’s talk o………didn’t I do the right thing? Was the guy right in any way? Why do you guys like those kin approach sef?

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3 Responses to Some Guys Need To Change Their Approach……Read More…….

  1. Ghen ghen, dis one na moral fiction *licking ma tongue* which gurl no like better thing, just once no dey killl person, me I go chop d guy raw, give A̶̲̥̅♏ styles join sef. smh! I pity girls that thinks dat way, HIV no dey show for face o also with ur one minutes nuissance U̶̲̥̅̊‎​ wil bring reproach to d name of God and to women generally; if you’ve given ursef cheaply before, pls repent, don’t do it again, add some self value/worth/discipline to ursef. D man wey no retain God for him tot, na reprobate mind na him go match A̶̲̥̅♏ pass. Be wise o ye female. And for my guys, make we try zip up, put autolock for our kokorow. Thumbs up my people

  2. sleek says:

    The babe church mind still partially intact

  3. Maybe the way you guys met was ‘somehow’!

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