Talk is one of the free gifts of nature given to us by our creator to express ourselves freely with those around us.

As much as talking has numerous advantages, it has several disadvantages that can wreck any person that involves in it excessively.

DISADVANTAGE 1: Talking Too Much Waste Time. They are always complaining that they have no time to address their goals, pursue their vision and unlock their potentials, yet they have enough time to gist with others about irrelevant things. Talking too much is a bad habit, and when it is cultivated it takes almost all the hours that is meant for industrious actions.

DISADVANTAGE 2: Talking Too Much Brings About Gossip. People that talk too much have made it a habit of talking about other people. Did you hear of Mr Chris new behavior? Have you seen Miss Catherine new look? It would definitely have been better if it their conversations are always positive. They are always picking and discussing about the negatives of people when they have so many negatives to trash out in their own lives.

DISADVANTAGE 3: Talking Too Much Brings Foolishness. Out of the mouth of people that talk too much lays foolish and insensitive talks. Their mouth is filled with unprofitable word which makes them more foolish and attracts them to more foolish people.

DISADVANTAGE 4: Talking Too Much Brings About Talking More And Listening Less. Successful people do more of talking less and listening more so that they can gain added knowledge from what others have to say. Talking more means you are contented with your own knowledge and you are not willing to learn from others.

— Copyright © 2013 Adenike Temitope Owolabi

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