Pls What Do You Think She Should Do?

My pastor introduced me to one of His spiritual sons telling me that He believes that God wants us to be together. I do not feel any attraction for this brother however, I do not want to disobey my pastor or miss God’s will for me. Please what do I do?

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3 Responses to Pls What Do You Think She Should Do?

  1. alao adedayo olawumi says:

    Pray for Gods leading, if God is the one speaking thru the pastor you will knw and if not it’s better to disobey the pastor than finding yourself in trouble later, don’t go into a reletionship with the guy you are not attracted to it might be hell.

  2. Asibe oluchi says:

    The pastor wants u guys to b togeda,it myt b for his own advantage but if God rilli wants dat for u he will give u sign so jes wait while ur heart desires stil come forth cos God rili wants us to b happy,above all dnt try datin him

  3. funmi says:

    Jez pray ova it nd I bliv God does hide hislf 4rm his children,he wld show u d way

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