My Girlfriend Keeps Smoking And Going Back To Her Ex Yet She Says She……….Continue Here……..

Dear Nikky,

Please am so confused. My girlfriend of 2years now has been acting strange. I just discovered that she smokes at my back and also sneaks out to her ex place. I don’t know why she keeps going to him but after challenging her, she confirmed it to be true and has been apologising ever since. She keeps saying she loves me but don’t know why she keeps going to his place. I love her so much too and I don’t know if it is advisable to still continue with her. Please what can I do? Even if am to let her be, how do I get over her? Please help me with some advise. Thanks.

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6 Responses to My Girlfriend Keeps Smoking And Going Back To Her Ex Yet She Says She……….Continue Here……..

  1. Place her on condition she stick 2 him & hav u or she stick 2 U & let go of him. Dat is if she wnt 2 go on wit u.

  2. Place her on condition she stick 2 him & let go of u. Or she stick 2 U & let go of him she should cause.

  3. Faih phillips says:

    I wonder why some guys will not be a man for once…you should know that your girl still loves her x…probably you have no quality compared to that of her x boyfriend. No competition,let her go,you look for some one who will value your love.

  4. Charles Mokone says:

    Leave her, I’ve been in a similar situation but she wasn’t smoking. She’ll keep on doing that, taking you as a fool because once a girl cheats on you she won’t respect you

  5. kemmy says:

    Everybody deserves a second chance in life. Give her a last chance since u stil luv her n she claims she stil luvs u 2.then If she keeps smoking n seeing her ex break up wit her.

  6. Dani Klebba says:

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