A Must Read: See What BlackBerry Has Caused Some Relationships…..Read Here………..

Social media has really caused a lot on relationship. Recently, during the Inspector general wedding, his wife seemed to be pressing her phone while he was pecking/kissing her whichever way. Who knows if she was on social media or just trying to make a call. All we know is she was on her phone during a romantic session. That one is still better I guess.

For another relationship, a guy who bought his girlfriend a blackberry phone is regretting his action now. Read his complains below:

I am a young man ..close to 30yrs.. my girlfriend is 23… something happened last week Saturday ..I want to share..and I need truthful comments.

Ever since I got her a BB…my girlfriend has turned to a walking ghost. I talk to her, she damns me.
She is easily carried away, chatting with people and friends and reading rubbish and how a man should treat a woman right.
All these don’t even bother me. The new one is that she shouts me down and frequently walks out on me.
All these have been happening for over 4months. I don talk tire but my girlfriend who believes that a man and a woman are on the same level has refused to change.

On the 7th of this month, I went to pick her from her house to take her to my place.
As I dey drive, she dey press her phone. She was smiling and just talking to herself., I didn’t even bother.

We got home late that evening…from her house to my house..no word uttered. When we got home, I put off the car and went to open gate, my madam girfriend was still pressing BB Phone. I put off the car.and started carrying stuffs, she was still pressing phone. Then she came out, held the phone with one hand and was using the other hand to carry stuffs one by one.
I did the best I could, locked the car doors and I went into the house.

Because of the gate I opened, I was wet a bit as it was raining. So, I started looking for dry clothes to wear. She sensed I was angry and she started following me up and down..I just ignored her.

Then she asked me ..how can one block someone on WHATSAPP ? and I said..”I DONT KNOW”.. she just seeing the way I replied her..shouted right in my front “OHHHHHH” and hissed and walked away.. I just stood there amazed..

Because stuffs we brought in were still lying on the ground and she walked to the palour still pressing her phone, I was so pissed.
Then after I changed into something warm, I walked straight to the palour. Still seeing her pressing phone ohh.. with that annoyance..I asked her.. “GIVE ME DAT PHONE” AND she said NO.

So, I took the phone and smashed it with annoyance on the ground and the screen just scattered.. only for her to burst into tears, crying. The next day was her birthday, she said the birthday party was cancelled oh..say she no dey do again..I had to pet her till the next day, she refused.
I had to call my uncle who now begged her before she agreed to have the party.

Guys am totally confused at this point in time and i seriously need advices of any kind to get this out of my neck..

Now I don’t want to talk much because I once posted on the effects of social media on relationships. Click here to read the Effects of Social media On your relationship

What do you think about the confused guy? Please advice him. Drop your comment below

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6 Responses to A Must Read: See What BlackBerry Has Caused Some Relationships…..Read Here………..

  1. splendour says:

    I tink u shud sit ha down n talk 2 ha….. Or u check ha conversations witout ha consent…

  2. She is just a disgrace 2 herself I also use a bb & I try all possible best for me not 2 get addicted 2 it in oda not 22 loss my man. I tink d fone has gotten into her head & she got guys who is fooling her I pity her. I will advice u get her back her fone done give her a break don’t call or text her even if she does don’t pick if u do tell her u busy if she ask 2 com around tell her u don’t hav such tym dat u had a long day. Try as much as u can 2 do dis no mata hw she press u wit text tell her 2 tick 2 d fone since it more important 2 her. Make her feel d same agony u felt she will get some sense 4rm it dat is if she is wise but if she didn’t change. My brother let her b by d tym she will realize her mistake it will b late den. Pls wen u doing all dat don’t let ur emotions rule over d man in U. Stand 2 fight it tho it hurts but u just hav 2 fight it

  3. Faih phillips says:

    Its very simple…leave her cos she is S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ stupid to be with a nice guy like you. You need to be a man by standing on your actions…you begged her after smashing the phone. You will have to buy another bb for her and she will still do the same,cos you will be her maga from now on.

  4. There is nothing to talk about here, she is being childish and immature. She should choose between her BB A̶̲̥̅̊Ω̴̩̩̩̥D̶̲̥̅̊ boyfriend. She obviously doesn’t know how to handle a real relationship A̶̲̥̅̊Ω̴̩̩̩̥D̶̲̥̅̊ the guy should stop playing ‘Mr Nice Guy’ A̶̲̥̅̊Ω̴̩̩̩̥D̶̲̥̅̊ put his foot down.

  5. toyin says:

    Hahaha,man pls don’t kill urself bcos of her ooo.she might even press her bb on ur corpse.get a lady who wil luv u trully.

  6. mella says:

    Both of u r big fools , ow can u beg her on smashing the phone u bought wit ur money !!! Give her de sim so those she was pinging can insert it into another bb so the can continue wit their pings as 4 u start looking 4 another lady dat 1 don go. She is a missed call shikina

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