50 Ways To Love Your Wife Right

Loving your wife should be a pleasure and not a tedious job.

1. Respect her as a woman, she is important too.
2. Love her with all your heart.
3. Find out her love language and key into it.
4. Always protect her in and outside the house.
5. Try to meet most of her needs, make her understand when you don’t have.
6. Always take every form of doubt in her mind, reassure her of your love.
7. Make decisions together.
8. Respect her personal decisions sometimes.
9. Communicate with her well, women talk a lot, so be a good listener and a friend.
10. Understand her pains and always be there to soothe her.
11. Always tell her how much she means to you.
12. Respect her in the midst of your family.
13. Assist with some house chores sometimes.
14. Surprise her with gifts, her needs, love letters, dinners and some other nice things.
15. Keep playing the romantic guy.
16. Tickle her, caress her and massage her when necessary.
17. You did the chase before she said yes, then don’t ever stop chasing her. Keep being her Romeo.
18. Be friendly with her friends but don’t get too close. Women get jealous so don’t create an avenue for one.
19. Avoid anything that will make her jealous on your phones, in your attitudes and in all things.
20. Be silent when she nags, she will surely calm down when she notices she is the only one shouting.
21. Never lay your hands on her when you are angry.
22. Always pray together as a family.
23. Create time for her no matter how busy you are.
24. Correct her politely and in love.
25. Be trustworthy, no cheating on her by mistake.
26. Work on some personal attitudes you feel she doesn’t like
27. Be creative on things that can boost your love together.
28. Always forgive her totally when she offends you.
29. Accept her flaws and weaknesses and appreciate her strength more.
30. Let her know most things that are happening with you. Don’t be secretive.
31. Laugh at her jokes.
32. Admit to your mistakes and be willing to correct it.
33. Keep praying for her personally too.
34. Help her achieve her goals and visions in life.
35. Motivate her always and raise her up whenever she is down.
36. Go to church together.
37. Sleep at the same time.
38. Agree on the programs to watch and avoid fights.
39. Talk good about her while with your friends and families.
40. Show love to her family members.
41. Meet their needs sometimes too. Be a good in-law.
42. Create time to go visit your in-laws together.
43. Always understand her mood and don’t pressurize for sex when she is very tired. It’s not that easy but it is more enjoyable when you are both in the mood.
44. It’s not about satisfying yourself. Satisfy her too.
45. Be a good father to your kids.
46. Defend her in the presence of the kids too.
47. Protect her dignity always.
48. Be a good husband at all times.
49. Live a responsible life.
50. Work towards making heaven together too.


About Nike Adedokun

Hello friends! I am so excited to meet you. I am Nike Adedokun, a Relationship and sexuality Coach. I help people build healthy relationships, emotionally balanced minds and sexually purified lives through consultancy, strategies and trainings. As a Master practitioner of NLP and Results coach, I deliberately reposition singles emotionally, mentally and sexually to enable them attract the kind of partner that would give them a purposeful relationship. Presently, I host great minds on a WhatsApp Class, The Mind Shift Network Masterclass. It's a class that centres around building healthy hearts, minds and sexuality. If you want to join us, just send a mail to adenikeadedokun@gmail.com with your details and you are in! Please do navigate through the various posts, podcasts, store and testimonials. Glad to have you here. Don't forget to follow me on twitter @NikeAdedokun. Choose to live healthy and stay purified!
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