1. Build yourself esteem. Promising guys are often attracted to women who know who they are. Bad guys(predators) often go after desperate ladies with low self-esteem. Be careful what you say to yourself because your are listening. Speak grace to yourself and avoid relationships that batter your emotions.

2. Find and pursue your dreams, it makes you stand out from the crowd. People are naturally attracted to scare resources. Ensure you develop yourself; enrol for courses and sharpen your skills. Recommended books: How to win Friends and Influence People~ Dale Carnegie, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus~ John Gray, The Five Love Language~ Gary Chapman, His needs, Her needs ~Willard Harley etc

3. Fall in love and pursue God with all of your heart. Any man who wants to win your heart should find it in God.

4. Deal with your issues. Most people have been heart broken or disappointed but not everyone has moved on. You must be an exception. Do not bring your old issues into your new relationship. Deal with your past, learn from your mistakes and turn them into power (stepping stones).

5. Manage your relationships. Remove yourself from any association that despises what you are trusting God for. That is, if you want to enjoy a happy home leave or manage your relationship with friends who detest marriage or men as a whole. You may buy into their perspective and trap yourself.

6. Evaluate your schedule. Have you examined/analyse how your life will change when a man enters it? Some women are shocked at how unprepared they are. Are you emotionally ready? Is your wardrobe ready? Is your day flexible to accommodate him? Are you where your kind of man can be find you?

7. Know your limits. “An unexamined life is not worth living” ~Socrates. Do you know yourself? Are you the jealous type? What gets you angry? What are your core beliefs and values? What are your personal boundaries and do you have curfews? Define standards. The schools with the best quality (content) and standards often attract and retain the best.

8. Learn Home management Skills. Look for a woman whose marriage you appreciate to mentor you on how to keep your man and your home. Cooking skills may be old fashion in some quarters but you have to find away to work it out. It is an important need for your family.

9. Define who you want. The only way to recognize MR Right is to have an idea of what you want. You cannot be a wife to every man. If you go to the restaurant, they will give you a menu to choose from. If you tell them just give me anything, what do you think they will say? Clarify the qualities you want in your Mr. Right because he has his own list too.


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