1. vivian says:

    what i will ask,may have nothing to do with this post.i just want to know,is there a reason why a boy(your boyfriend) will not want to bond with your friends or family?he has made you known to everybody, best friend,friends,in-laws,mum,dad,kid brothers,cousins,aunts,uncles etc his direct family loves you like crazy without you even trying,extended family and friends like you too,they always check on you and stuffs like that but he dsnt bond with my sisters nd best friend even when they try,he tries alitl then withdraws.it just makes me feel bad i dnt understand anythiing.i have spoken with him and he says he isnt good at making friends and keeping up with a discussion.is ther any advice for me?

    • Dear vivian,
      We got your message and appreciate it, we look forward to get more from you.
      About your question, to love you is never enough, loving your extended family is very important but i must also say this that people can not be changed even if you try to do they might still change back to the real them, he has shown you who he is, trying to change him will never work, its good you try to explain to him your likes and dislikes but he will only change those that are not really part of him. my advice is you either accept him the way he is and keep talking to him having in mind that he might never change or you have second thought on the relationship. God bless.

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