Dont take off your panties.

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Don’t take off your panties, because he called you beautiful, take them off because he married you.

Don’t open your legs because he said you will make a good mother. Open them because he’s ready to be a father after your wedding.

Don’t take him home because he gave you a ride or buy you ice cream and fried rice, take him home because he treated you like a queen and is committed to be the love of your life.

Don’t push him away because he has no money today. Hold him close if he is a man of vision, to another woman, he’s Honey and he got brighter days ahead, with a prospective blossoming future.

Don’t go punishing him because another man hurt you! All men are not the same!
A man who fears God doesn’t hurt! If he loves you, give him a chance and he may be…

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