Read: How To Be A Good Boyfriend (Part 1)


Be supportive.
You can show support by being available, listening attentively and showing your interest in the things she has to tell you. When
you spend time together, make an effort to be present and be attentive to her needs. By being supportive, you’ll help to strengthen the sense of security and reciprocity in the relationship. And if you support her goals and dreams, then she will
support yours in turn. Be there when she has to study for any
upcoming exams, apply to college or any career-oriented programs, or when she is stressed about anything that is coming up that can affect her future. If she is having a busy week or month, you should be there to help her out by doing small
favours, like picking up lunch or giving her a ride to class, to make her days easier.


Compliment her sincerely.
You should compliment your girlfriend as often as you can
without making her feel smothered. You should both compliment her looks, letting her know that she looks cute whether she is all dressed up or just hanging out in casual clothes, and her personality. That way, she will know that you care about her appearance and what is on the inside. Go beyond the ordinary statements. For example, don’t just say, “You look nice.”Instead, say “That really makes your eyes shine,” or “Your haircut really suits the shape of your face.” The more specific you are, the more unique and appreciative the compliment.


Be sympathetic .
If it means something to her, it means something to you. It doesn’t matter that you wouldn’t be interested in the issue if it
weren’t for her––a relationship is about sharing experiences and being supportive. When she’s upset, try to put yourself in her shoes and understand where she’s coming from. Don’t just dismiss her feelings because you think it’s “not a big deal.” Sometimes, she may just want to cry and to be comforted. Don’t try to fix her problems right away — wait for her to deal with all of her emotions before being practical. If she’s upset, it’s important to ask, “Do you want to talk about it?” Make her see that you really care. And if she’s not ready to talk about it yet, don’t pry.

Watch out for the part 2.
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5 Responses to Read: How To Be A Good Boyfriend (Part 1)

  1. This is enjoyable and informative. Ladies needs a guy who will always appreciate them and give them time, attention and listening ears. A guy who will be proud of her anytime, anywhere. Nice one! @nikziead

  2. Emeka Umeh says:

    Not bad at all, all you said is true, I can’t deny that. Nice one

  3. oj says:

    Nice 1 can’t wait for part 2

  4. Paul Ocheke says:

    I think its a nice piece of work but I also think you should proof read your work before sharing it as there are lots of gramatical errors

  5. streetbeatz says:

    But a lot of da modern gurl don’t even av time for boyfriends

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