(Health for ladies): How to Reduce Menstrual pains(Dysmenorrhoea)

The common name is menstrual pains or cramps,some women go through hell every month because of painful menstruation that is dysmenorrhoea,,which means pains in the belly and pelvic area. This are some little tips that may help to reduce the pains.

(1)Regular exercise especially walking, lying down,facing up seizing your breath and raising your legs slowly up as much as you can.
(2)Abdominal massage,hot towel to the pelvic area.
(3)Drink hot coffee or tea
(4)Use of drugs especially mild analgesics like ibuprofen or aspirin etc,but good to take two days before your menstruation till the second day.
Every woman needs to find treatment that works for her in so many other ways. Remember the neater you are while menstruating the better for you,change your pads always,say no to toilet rolls and clothes,remember to wash the face of your private part with hot water,stay neat and stay safe.


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