Check Out: How to be a lady-Ettiquettes for ladies (Part 4)

Proper way of acting on the table while eating.
Don’t start eating before the meal has started. If you are at a restaurant, wait until everybody’s meal has arrived before you start to eat. When at a dinner party, wait for the host/hostess to unfold his or her napkin and begin eating.

2. Don’t speak with food in your mouth. It is not only rude, it can actually ruin other peoples’ appetites. Also avoid burping, smacking your lips, or fidgeting at the dinner table.
If you have to cough or sneeze at the table, be sure to cover your mouth with a napkin.

3. Excuse yourself when necessary. If you need to get up from the table to go to the restroom, then let others know where you are going.

4. Don’t text or talk on the phone. Not only will it disturb other patrons if you are in a restaurant, it is disrespectful to the person/people you are eating with, especially if one of them has cooked the meal for you. Wait until the end of the meal to make phone calls. Turn off or silence your phone during formal dinners.

5. Leave your elbows off of the table. This rule applies only when you are actually eating. If the food has not yet arrived, or if you are sitting at a table drinking water or other beverages, then it is acceptable to rest your elbows on the table.

6. Cut your food into bite-sized portions. Not only is it healthier than taking huge bites, it will give you the opportunity to quickly chew and swallow your food if somebody asks you a question when you have food in your mouth. Nothing is more frustrating (and embarrassing) than having somebody ask you a question right after you have taken a huge bite of food!

7. Only grab for things on the table that are within your reach. Otherwise, ask somebody to please hand it to you. Always pass the salt and pepper shaker together, even if the person only asks for one of them. These items are meant to be kept together at all times.

8. Remember to use your napkin. Clean your fingers or blot your lips when necessary.

9. Make proper thanks. Be sure to thank the waiter/waitress if you are at a restaurant, and thank the host/hostess if you are at a dinner party. Compliment the food when dining with the person who has cooked it.

10. Learn to use the fork and knife properly: If you don’t know how to use the pair, you need to learn it incase you go for events where it is served like that. Learn how to handle the wine cup too. Its all about learning how to be a lady indoor and outdoor.

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