Being able to dedicate yourself to one woman is what makes you a Real man.

We live in a world where males foolishly think that maintaining flings with several women is what defines them as men.

What defines a man is his ability to remain faithful, attentive, respectful, support and consistent. Take care of your responsibilities, own up to your failures, learn from those mistakes and chase after progress.

Have kids? Take care of them.
Their mother, respect her. Even if you’re not with her in that way, she still provided you with a blessing in the form of a child.

Being a man is not about being ” hard “…cold….angry….evil…disrespectful…nasty, the very thing that defines a man are often look at as being too soft, weak but in fact, showing her affection, giving her your undivided attention, being able to listen, being able to hold her, touch her in a way that provides reassurance that she’s the only one is one of the best ways to displaying your manhood.

A man doesn’t stress his woman, he relieves it.
A man doesn’t use his hands to cause pain, only pleasure.
A real man knows that ONE GOOD WOMAN is more valuable than any assortment or large number of women.

Today’s definition of a man has become blurred, open your eyes. DO BETTER.


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