1. You watch film(s) in the morning, sleep in the afternoon after complaining of boredom and you party at night, then you say I HATE POVERTY. My friend is that how to hate poverty or ARE U A LEARNER?

2. Your friends fall into the same category as above with you. You are not thinking, your friends are not thinking as well, so who is thinking, and then you say I HATE POVERTY. It is only your mouth that hates poverty my friend; your heart does not hate poverty or ARE YOU A LEARNER?

3. Every morning, you ask God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding , but you talk way too much, you see Mr A you talk, You see Miss B you talk, you spend your day talking irrelevantly about others and you gossiping about matters that are of less concern to you. Have you forgotten that a fool is even taught wise when he keeps his mouth shut or ARE YOU A LEARNER?

4. You play all through the semester, you don’t attend lecturers regularly, you don’t do assignments, and then some few weeks to the examination, you start going for different prayer meetings, claiming all the possible A’s you can get in the semester so you can get five dot because all you desire is SUCCESS. Prayer, faith and affirmations are very important but they cannot take the place of hardwork and determination or ARE YOU A LEARNER?

5. You place so much trust in your friend, and that friend is your source of happiness. When the friend makes you happy, you are always happy and when the friend makes you sad, you get sad because you have given the keys of your happiness to the friend. The only person that has the right to determine your mood is you, and if you decide to make others determine if you would be happy or sad, then you are just like a king who has given his subordinates right over his throne, or ARE YOU A LEARNER?

6. You are always angry when you see a successful personality or successful personalities and then you begin to believe that no one can make it in the right way except through dubious and cunny means. How do you intend to make it, through arm robbery, or ARE YOU A LEARNER?

7. You spend all the money you earn, you have no savings, you don’t pay your tithe and you spend your money on irrelevant things and you say I HATE POVERTY. If a farmer sells part of his harvest and eats the remaining, what would he sow the next time he wants to plant seeds that would enable him get more farm produce to sell or ARE YOU A LEARNER?

8. You don’t believe in yourself, YOU HAVE NO CONFIDENCE IN YOUR ABILITY, you listen and take what other people think of you even when they did not create you or neither do they know anything about you and then you say I KNOW I AM GOING PLACES. IF you don’t believe in yourself, how would the good things of life believe in you or ARE YOU A LEARNER?

9. You made mistakes and now you are letting the mistakes to make you, you failed and now you are letting the failures to hinder your success, you passed through some disappointments and now you are allowing your disappointments’ to push away your divine appointments, you passed through some trials and now you are allowing your trials to block your testimony. If you don’t face tests, trials and tribulation, how would you advance in life, or ARE YOU A LEARNER?

10. You do the same thing every day and you expect a different result or you expect something new to happen in your life. Guess you should know that the results you get are as a result of your daily routine and activities and until you decide to change the ones that require change positively, then you would continue to have the same result or ARE YOU A LEARNER?

Hello friend, don’t be discouraged or embarrassed if you are still a learner, every professional started as a learner, but don’t also forget that every professional grew from the learning position to the taking action position. Rome was not built in a day but series of hardwork, determination, steps and actions made it what it is today.

You have the ability within you to correct all these mistakes and be a better person.

Stay blessed!!!!!

— Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin

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