15 kinds of Men you shouldnt think of dating.

Culled from Time India:
People aren’t always who they appear to be. After dating a guy for a little while or after getting to know a man for a few weeks, you may realize that he isn’t exactly what you thought or expected him to be. And in the dating pool, there are definitely some men that you want to avoid dating at all costs, here are 15 of them.


No woman really wants to date a player, but for some reason a lot of females are attracted to them. Newsflash: a player has and wants no future with you. As the name entails, he’s doing nothing but playing you, wasting your time, and letting you go whenever he’s found a new lady to mess with. Players only want side pieces, and we’re all worth a lot more than that.


A man without a job should have no use to you. A man who is jobless obviously lacks a lot of ambition, skill, or maybe both. Unless you find that he has a good excuse, i.e. he just got laid off and he’s looking consistently for a new job, you’ll want to stay away from guys with no income. Unemployment doesn’t count and in the end he may try to reel you in and have you pay his bills but there can be a but for a guy with vision,make sure he is really following his dreams.


We all have our insecurities and often times we work towards them to help eliminate them altogether. Dating a man with a lot of insecurities is extremely time consuming and in the end, it can be really tough. You have to deal with a lot of jealousy, insecurity, trust issues, and so on. A relationship with an insecure man is bound to be a chore.


Ahh, a king without his crown. You may one day run into a guy who expects to be treated like royalty. He wants you to cook, clean, and do his laundry for him. All the while he isn’t helping one bit. A guy with such high expectations isn’t likely to be one who treats you right. You deserve to be treated like a queen, or at least like a princess, not the other way around.


When a guy is 25 with three children by three different women, you better have a huge red flag going off in your head. Men with a lot of kids by various different women usually aren’t worth dating. Chances have it that you’ll get caught up in the already existing baby mama drama, and we all know how that turns out. Avoid the guy with several baby mamas, you’ll thank yourself later.


Though women are mostly portrayed as the one’s with baggage, men have it too. Be wary of guys who seem to carry around a lot of baggage, especially relationship baggage. If he’s still lingering on his ex or if he brings up the past a lot, don’t waste much more time on him. Baggage will only cause problems later on down the road.


Dating a narcissist is never wise. There’s nothing worse than a man who is completely self-centered and unconcerned about anyone but himself. Though narcissists are likely to look nice and dress nice, they’re only worried about themselves. His care for you is more than likely non-existent.


He has on and off. He spends a lot of time on the couch. He doesn’t do a lot of cooking or cleaning and when he does he usually only half-asses it. He’d rather stay in than spend the night out having fun. Lazy is his middle name. Does any of this sound appealing? Probably not!


One night stands can have their perks, especially if you’re in needy mode. But, dating a guy who wants nothing but bedroom time with you is a mere waste of time. What good is a man if he only wants to get you in bed and then find his way out of it as quickly as possible? If he’s having one-night stands with you, he’s more than likely doing it with others.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with saving money and finding deals. However, there is a line that should be drawn. If this man will only take you out to dinner to restaurants when he has a coupon or if you’re only allowed to order off the happy hour drink menu when wine is $5 a glass, it’s time to reconsider. Being frugal is one thing, but being cheap is a completely different trait.


He’s completely set in his ways. This guy doesn’t want to try anything new and he has no plans to make any changes to what he likes, knows, and does. Dating a man who is set in his own ways and refuses to budge will definitely lead to boredom on your part. It’ll also make for an extremely one-sided relationship.


When you ask him to make decisions he declines. He often answers questions with “nothing” or “I don’t know/care.” You ask him about his future and the slate is completely blank. Dating a guy who has no answers and has no idea what he wants is only going to be a huge headache. Save yourself the stress and avoid dating this guy.


There’s nothing wrong with drinking, especially when you know your limits. However, dating a guy who loves to drink and drinks almost every night will only smells like trouble..and liquor.  A man who lives to drink and drinks to live will be costly in the end. What’s the fun in getting drunk every weekend? Guys tend to act like fools when they’re drunk anyway!


A man who readily expresses and shows his emotions is rare to find, but an overly emotional man isn’t such a great pick. Men who are overly emotional tend to go the extreme with lots of crying and a lot of anger. Usually this men will tick at the drop of a pin. A man who has no control over his emotions isn’t usually a good guy to date.


He expects you to abide by his rules, and what he says goes. He doesn’t want you to have a lot of male friends. After your first date he urges you to delete your dating profile and change your Facebook status. These are all signs of a man who is very controlling. This type of guy will only lead to a lot of trouble.
Dating a guy who knows nothing about God isn’t a good idea. He has no church,doesn’t care about one. Doesn’t believe in religion. Don’t want to change. This is a good turnoff my dear. Don’t get entangled here.

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