Pls help!!I was raped by three men in front of my husband and he doesn’t want to touch me again.

Please I need help!!! My name is Mrs Bisola. ……….,I am 32years old and an housewife. I have been married for 7years now with 2 kids. Around May,We were eating dinner when armed robbers visited our house to steal the money my husband just collected from his newly completed contract. In the process of the robbery,the robbers decided to have sex with me and they were holding big guns,my husband had no choice than to watch me get raped by them. He felt pity for me and we have tried forgetting the shameful incident but after 1 month,he changed towards me and he hasn’t been touching me again. He doesn’t even play with me anymore, he is always hostile. I have spoken to him, He has been counselled too but he keeps telling me that he can’t forget the incident so soon,he has been avoiding me for 2months now. Please,I need him to understand my state and I need his touch too. I have missed our happy times. Please,what do you think I can do to make him understand. He has been maltreating me ever since. I keep crying everyday. I don’t want the joy of my marriage to end so soon, it wasn’t my fault. Please,a kind advice would be appreciated. I need to revive the love back.

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11 Responses to Pls help!!I was raped by three men in front of my husband and he doesn’t want to touch me again.

  1. Gina says:

    My dear, if after witnessing such wicked act towards you by those robbers n he is treating u dis bad, I sincerely doubt if dat much cherished luv will ever exist again. But I am praying for you.
    God will see you thru.

  2. daniela daniels says:

    My dear sis,I’m so sorry about wot appened 2 u.may God nt allow such re-occur IJN.My candid advise is dat u go2 God in prayers nd I’m sure Hell restore joy nd happiness bak in2 ur MARRIAGE.shallom

  3. slimlabule says:

    So serious! Anyone who abuses the man hasn’t encountered such a problem. But the man needs only one thing to touch U. It’s sacrifice! Even if he tries to make love to you, the pictures of the incident will keep coming back to his memory. To make it worse, he was present at the scene. He doesn’t have to love up to the extent but loyalty to the marriage can make him come to his senses. If U could see someone he’ll listen to, he can be talked to about God’s will and destiny. If he fears God the creator and the knower of everything, he will act normal once again. Who knows if his friends have been advising him wrongly on the issue before he suddenly changes!!! Pray to God as well.

  4. kunle bayo says:

    Keep praying to God,beceause he is the only one that can renew your marraige again

  5. bamowo adeniyi says:

    this is more or less a story i watch on the dstv recently. but to my opinion ,the wife should keep on praying to God day and night. and she let her husdand realized that any body can be kill that day and you make the sacrifice now he is doing another thing to you completely.still be faithful to him till otherwise .i pray that God will turn the sutuation around IJN.

  6. adie john says:

    Am sorry 4 d incident madam, d only tin i can say is 2 go 2 GOD in prayers,we all know it’s neva ur fault n beside it’s not easy 4 him 2 just 4get wot happened. D only advice I can giv 2 u is 2 table d matter be4 GOD n I believe everytin will workout fine ijn.

  7. The Extreme says:

    my sis; i suggest strongly that you just take the issue to God. He knew this would happen,even before it did… pls just take it to Him in Prayer and be consistent until He answers you. I’m TOO SURE HE WOULD…

  8. godallmighty says:

    Your not an equal. Your a piece of meat to be fucked. I wouldn’t have you either. Much like a dog that I wouldn’t want anybody else to pet. Your tainted. Best option is suicide. Your value fell dramatically. Common sense isn’t common but I think even you know this or else you wouldnt question why he wont touch you

    • Alonzo says:

      So that’s what you’d say to your mom if she was gang-raped? She’s a piece of meat to be fucked?

  9. Alonzo says:

    Tell him how you feel. Tell him you are hurting every day and that you’ve been injured but you’re still the same person deep inside. Tell him that you love him and you need his touch to feel strong again. Tell him you need to work together to overcome this. If he is not willing to get over it, perhaps it means your marriage may have to end. This is tragic and in no way your fault, but if he is not able to help you get through this, perhaps he is no man for you. It is not your fault and I understand if he has problems being sexual for the first few months because he too is traumatized, but just touching should not be a problem, and eventually you should be able to work towards being sexual again. Tell him the only way to heal is to touch each other.

    I send you best wishes and hope you can overcome this.

  10. C Powell says:

    Talking to a counselor is crucial for both of you. Expressive writing is also very helpful to get stuff off one’s chest. I found it works well for me. Your husband needs to open up and talk about it and realized it wasn’t his or your fault. Have him see it from your point of view: what if it was him who was raped? How would he want you to treat him. I’m asking Jesus right now restore this marriage and restore both of you. Have faith and encourage him to join you in seeking help and take back control in your lives.

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