Check Out: 6 Ways To Help A Shy Guy Fall For You.

One big issue with shy guys is that even when they are eager to ask you out they just wouldn’t be able to say it. We all know that as ladies we need to respect ourselves more and allow the guy do the proposing but some argued that some guys are shy,so we have some remedies on how to make a shy guy like you. So ladies,are you ready for these:
1. Be nice to him:
Make him free with you by being nice. Show some nice gestures. Let him sense the feeling that he is probably going to get a positive answer when he asks you out someday.
2. Body Language:
The way you act around his friends and even yours matters. Evn you act like one tough girl,he may find it difficult to talk to you. Let your body language be the friendly type. Stare at him more and smile.
3. Start Conversations for him:
Since he is the shy one that doesn’t want to talk,then you can initiate a conversation in an open way. Throw questions that would make him talk more. Make the conversation the funny and interesting type. Don’t let him feel he is actually shy but even with you starting it,still make him feel like he is in control.
4. Don’t push it:
The fact that you are trying to make it work doesn’t mean you should always be too forward. Don’t act like you know it all,yes! Because guys have a way of observing everything we do so you have to be careful not to get on his bad side.
5. Invite him for a date:
Yeah!Yeah! Ask him out on a date in a stylish way. Do it in a classy style. He shouldn’t know you were trying to create a date in the first place. Talk about a joint or eatery you like so much,ask him if he has been there,stylishly make him want to go there too. Make sure he is ok with it.
6. Tell him you like him:
Now here we go,I didn’t say you should tell him you are falling over heels for him. I didn’t say you say you love him. In the middle of a conversation,you can just stare at him,touch his hands and tell him you like the way he talks or walk or smile,anyone. Just compliment him and make him feel good. I guess with these little trial,he should be able to summon up courage and say his mind and if not,dear,just keep trying and make sure you are not forcing yourself on him.
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7 Responses to Check Out: 6 Ways To Help A Shy Guy Fall For You.

  1. Michael says:

    lol.. Nice 1. W@ of us d@ r nt shy & u ladies make shakara.w@ shud we do?

  2. titilope says:

    Cool nikky

  3. Prince Pius Pedro says:

    Nice 1, Nike nd mor grease 2 ur elbow.thumbs up dear

  4. harbyike says:

    Waoh! Bravo.

  5. akanbi adeshola says:

    Shy guys are usually the ones that knows how to really care for a lady but unfortunately most shy guy end up in the hands of bold bad girls that do not care for his feelings and see him as an option while he feels too shy to approach the cool good girls who do so much taking for granted attitude and playing hard to get and wants a guy who will appear to be bold and mostly players take up such courage to approach them and you know how the story ends,use and dump, nikky create a topic on HOW TO KNOW A SERIOUS PERSON FROM A PLAYER, thanks dear, Lots of love

  6. I don’t think ladies of today can do these…

    • Mosadoluwa tope says:

      Nikky you talk as if it is so easy but it’s not all about being friendly to d guy or going out on a date. The only tin i would say is dat just b urself dnt pretend.

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