Must Read: 7 ways to know you are in love.

Love! Love!! Love!!! Just a four(4) letter word that brings hearts together. A four word yet to be understood. A word with great depth. Most people confuse it with Lust and Attraction but that’s the beginning of it though. Something always brings about love,mostly from attraction( physical,personality,characters,intelligence etc). These are ways to know if you are in love:
1.Extreme happiness:
When you are love,something tends to brighten your heart and smiles. There is always going to be happiness everywhere. You feel excited. All you do is smile at yourself all day. It creates a supernatural joy in you to be with someone.
2. Always expecting a call or an sms from them:
Its normal, you just have to keep in touch with your loved ones. There is always these eagerness to call or receive a call from the person. An sms means so much to us than any other texts we must have received the day.
3. Always wanting to be around the person:
We always want to spend time with the person,our day feels incomplete until we set our eyes on the person we are in love with. We would go to any extreme to keep in touch with the person.
4. Always thinking about the person:
Yes! Your mind will always be there. When you sleep,eat,breathe,talk,everything you do,you just wanna think about the person. You even call the person name instead of someone else name. Its all about him or her.
5. Getting easily offended:
When you like a person so much,you will get offended by every irritation and every offence he or she makes. When a person you don’t care about offends you,you tend not to think much about it but when it is someone you like or love,you would keep boiling till you are able to spill it out and get a sorry. Hmmmn,lol,that’s true o.
6. Your heart prays for the person:
When you love someone so much,you keep wishing the person well,keep praying for good tidings around the person.
7. Easily attracted:
Yes! You get easily attracted to the his or her dressing,hairstyle,posture,words etc. Everything seems to interest you. You also feel sexually attracted,its normal,the hormones react but you need to take it cool dear.
Well,with these little you should know if you are in love with that guy or not now. More to come.
What do you think?

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2 Responses to Must Read: 7 ways to know you are in love.

  1. mark colson says:

    Baby…do you always compose this or get this somewhere? It’s highly impressive. .keep it up babe..your back gotten…cheers

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