Hint: How to make a girl admire you.


Ever wondered what girls
like in a guy? To most
guys, our brains make no
sense but that’s not
because we’re aliens. It’s
because we look for
different things than
boys do. What do we
look for?
find out…

Be nice…
when your
friends are
around. Girls
like guys who
aren’t ashamed
to be kind even
when they are
under peer
pressure. It
bugs us when
boys are nice
one minute and
total jerks the
next. If you
want to impress
a girl, show her
that you truly
do care enough
to be nice. If
your friends
don’t like you
for this, then
they aren’t
worth it. Have a
Be balanced .
While it is
important to
respect people
like teachers
and bosses, it is
also important
that you can
have a funny
bone. Know
when you
should be
serious and
polite and when
you should be
funny. Girls love
it when you
make them
laugh. It shows
that you are
relaxed and it
helps them feel
around you.
Equally, be a
good student.
Put work and
effort into what
you do. It
shows that you
are going
Looks aren’t
everything, but
they help .
not saying that
you should be
going to the spa
for a facial.
Don’t be
obsessive. Just
keep your hair
and teeth
brushed and
your skin clean.
Try not to smell.
Show that you
have good
hygiene. If a girl
doesn’t know
you, she will
have nothing to
judge you by
except for your
looks. Make
your first
Also, wear
good clothes
when you go
out. If you are
going to an
event or dinner,
look nice. Wear
clothes that are
in style. Look
When you talk
to her, show
that you are
intelligent .
proper grammar
and interest her
with new topics
of conversation.
Don’t be rude
or conceded.
She doesn’t care
about your
schedule or how
much money
you make. Be
nice! Be nice!
Be nice!

About Nike Adedokun

Hello friends! I am so excited to meet you. I am Nike Adedokun, a Relationship and sexuality Coach. I help people build healthy relationships, emotionally balanced minds and sexually purified lives through consultancy, strategies and trainings. As a Master practitioner of NLP and Results coach, I deliberately reposition singles emotionally, mentally and sexually to enable them attract the kind of partner that would give them a purposeful relationship. Presently, I host great minds on a WhatsApp Class, The Mind Shift Network Masterclass. It's a class that centres around building healthy hearts, minds and sexuality. If you want to join us, just send a mail to adenikeadedokun@gmail.com with your details and you are in! Please do navigate through the various posts, podcasts, store and testimonials. Glad to have you here. Don't forget to follow me on twitter @NikeAdedokun. Choose to live healthy and stay purified!
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4 Responses to Hint: How to make a girl admire you.

  1. Holarmide says:

    Sincerely speaking every woman would appreciate a decent man even in all ramification another thing is even if u dont have a job or anything doing @ present, jst make sure u have a substance and work towards achieving your goals.

  2. Raphael Jones says:

    @ Holarmide. It’s hard to agree that a woman would ask a guy out without a job because many guys are afraid to ask a woman out without a job. Their friends always get in the way or it’s possibly her doubt towards materialism in being catered to. I’ve never met one woman accepting, and I am always working towards a goal…

  3. Femi Love says:

    So guys should pamper women abii, e be like say something dey worry una abii.. Be 9ice ko, be wizkid nii… Any girl wey do anyhow go see anyhow… Lol.. Jess kidding, let’s keep tolerating their shit cos they re full of it.. Praaaa

  4. Asibe oluchi says:

    Girls love it wen guys do diz tins.Jes b nice. She myt proove to b all naughty nd sussy but jes knw wen she get home,she wil b tinkin of hw a guy was so nice nd sweet to her dat day.

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