Why Do Guys Fade Out Of Love Easily?

Something has really been botherinboy-girlg my mind for a while. Why is it that when a guy meets a girl and claims to love her and they start dating, after a while, he would begin to misbehave. i really wanna know “why do guys fade out of love easily than girls?” post your comments here.


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4 Responses to Why Do Guys Fade Out Of Love Easily?

  1. seleeena says:

    Just had this happen to me. We went out for two years. We made promises. We planned our future. And one day, he was just unhappy. He began going behind my back, being secretive. Talking to other girls… inappropriately, I might add.
    I still don’t understand why this happened. How one day we were in love and the next he woke up and just didn’t feel the same. I don’t get it. If anyone has an idea, I would love to know as well…

  2. nikziead says:

    its still surprising too,is it a change of interest or what? i want to find out too.

  3. Acc says:

    Itz d gehls fault @ tym..dey act caring nd all at d begining…den @ a point all dey do iz nagging…Age matters @ tym…Guyz below 24 tend to experiment

  4. slimlabule says:

    Not an easy thing to do anyway. Lots of reasons might have triggered this.
    Firstly, the guy might not been in love and just pretending all in the name of getting what he wants-sex, money, bragging rights etc.
    Secondly, the attraction he saw in the first place might have disappeared partially or completely which has stopped him from having further interest.
    Thirdly, the inability to detect why and what is needed in such a relationship. Sometimes, a guy wants someone to settle with but because the lady has other things she has to pursue-education, career etc-it might make him fall out of love instead of waiting for such lady.
    Fourthly, ladies should really know the limits of her boyfriend, if a lady reached such limit, the guy loses the so-called affection for such lady.
    Another thing is that some guys get tired of same thing over and over again- so if lady doesn’t think of bringing anything new to the relationship, it leaves the guy hanging and if he himself can’t find any, the love fades easily.
    Conclusively, from personal experience and true stories witnessed, a guy loses affection for a lady if he sees great qualities in another lady and sees an opportunity of having that lady, he’ll go for it moreso if the current girl isn’t impressing enough. These are my opinions anyway.

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